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You have many opportunities to stay involved with your alma mater! The 爆料公社 Alumni Association provides leadership opportunities, alumni services and social opportunities.

Students, faculty and staff gathering on the steps of Tower Hall in front of fully decorated holiday trees.

Lighting a Tradition

Join us for our annual lighting ceremony on Tuesday, Dec. 5 at 5:30 p.m. on the front steps of Tower Hall and a reception after in the foyer.

Alumni Benefits

As a 爆料公社 alum, your Alumni Association membership is FREE! We welcome you to come back and take advantage of the perks of being a 爆料公社 alum!

Campus Facilities and Resources

Digitized Scriptorium and Cable Student Newspapers

to view the Scriptorium from 1932 to 1969 and the Cable student newspaper from 1977 to 2001. Please review system requirements carefully before entering the database, as there is certain computer software and hardware to run the database properly.

Duluth Campus Reunion room rental

All 爆料公社 Alumni and their families are welcome to return for Reunion Weekend and stay on campus for a special reunion rate. Availability in the suites and apartments is limited. More information on Reunion Housing coming soon!

爆料公社 Alumni Email Accounts

Alumni 鈥 defined as individuals who have had at least one degree conferred by 爆料公社 鈥 can maintain an email account provided by the College as long as they abide by our College鈥檚 Email Policy.

The College鈥檚 Email Policy requires users to update their password at least once every six months by signing into with a web browser. Please note that simply remaining logged into an email account via a mobile application does not constitute a fresh authentication session.

In accordance with our email policy, accounts not logged into for six months will be deactivated. Alumni wishing to access a locked account can contact Alumni Engagement to confirm their identity. Once approved, the Alumni Engagement Office will work with Information Technologies to unlock the account.

All deactivated accounts will be permanently deleted after an additional six months of inactivity and cannot be restored. It is important to note that alumni will not receive any additional notice prior to the deletion of the inactive account. If an alum re-enrolls in any program, a new, empty account will be automatically created for them.

Former employees Alumni Accounts

All former employees alumni accounts must abide by the alumni email access policy, email policy and password policy. Former employees who are also alumni of the College can request a new, empty, alumni email account and must follow the alumni email access policies listed above.

Manage Your Google Drive Storage

Recent Graduates

All recent graduates of the College may retain their Drive access for one year after their graduation date.

You can keep data stored in your Google Drive (documents, Forms, spreadsheets, video, media, photos, etc.) for one year after your graduation date. After that time, you will no longer have access to this data. It is essential that you migrate your data if you would like to keep it; after deletion, no recovery options will be available. You will not be notified prior to the deletion. Please note that this applies to Google Drive content only; alumni may retain access to their CSS email account as defined in the 鈥湵瞎 Alumni Email Accounts鈥 section of this policy.

If you need assistance with migration, contact the IT Department at 218-723-7007 or by email at servicedesk@css.edu.

爆料公社 Library Access

Alums can use items in-house at the and check out up to five 爆料公社 Library book items at a time with no annual fee. Please bring a photo ID to the Library to help with the check out process.

Please note:
Alumni cannot continue to use our online databases after graduation; our license agreements do not permit this kind of access. Minnesota residents can access some of the databases we use through the . Many other states have similar programs.

Outdoor Equipment Rental

爆料公社 is located in one of the most beautiful, awe inspiring parts of the world, and now you can rent equipment that will help you get out and explore it! As alumni, you can take advantage of .

All types of outdoor equipment is available for rent including tents, sleeping bags, packs, canoes, cook sets, rain gear, skis and snowshoes. Be sure to bring a photo ID to the OP! Rental Office (Wellness Center, Office 104). For policies, price list and equipment available visit the OP Equipment Rental page.

Outdoor Pursuit Programming

As alumni, you can take participate in Outdoor Pursuit! programming (as space allows) or work with the OP Coordinator, Shawn Olesewski, to design your own day trips for 6 or more people. Contact Shawn at solesews@css.edu or 218-723-6196.

Saints Shop Discount

Alumni receive free shipping within the Continental U.S. on . Simply visit shop.css.edu and use the coupon code “SAINTS4LIFE” when checking out!

Wellness Center Membership

All 2020 and spring 2021 graduates will be allowed free access to the BWC beginning May 17, 2021 through May 16, 2022. After that time, those graduates will become eligible to purchase an Alumni membership to the facility. However, due to COVID there currently are no paid memberships to the BWC. The hold on memberships may be adjusted in the future but hasn’t been finalized. If you have any questions or issues, please contact Jenna Helget at jhelget@css.edu.

Career Services for Alumni

Looking for a job? Looking for a better job? Three years after graduation, you can continue to connect with and take advantage the many services offered through Career Services. After three years, you will have access to three consultation appointments to assist with career changes, graduate school application or career based resources including:

  • R茅sum茅 and cover letter writing tips and examples
  • Interviewing skills and technology
  • Graduate school information
  • Career exploration sites and resources
  • LinkedIn profile development
  • Access to job postings on Handshake
  • Pre-recorded career videos on YouTube

Hire A Saint

Post internships or positions for all students/alumni to view at no charge

Enrollment Verification

爆料公社 has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide confirmation of enrollment and conferred degrees for our students and alumni. If you are a student or alumni, please refer your lender or organization requesting your enrollment or degree verification (information) to the National Student Clearinghouse website. The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at:

Web: OR

National Student Clearinghouse
2300 Dulles Station Blvd. Suite 300
Herndon, Virginia 20171

If you have any questions, contact the Academic Records and Registrar’s office.

Learning and Events

Alumni Travel Program

Taking a trip can be so much more rewarding when the trip offers an in-depth opportunity to discover the places, people and culture you visit. Our inclusive travel packages take the worry out of travel. They include hassle free trips that encourage a deeper exploration into local customs, art, history and landmarks, while still providing opportunities to explore scenic beauty. Our next fully-escorted tour departs soon – check the Alumni Travel Program section on this page or call Alumni Engagement for more details at 218-723-6071 or alumni@css.edu.

Lifelong Learning Opportunities

There is something for every one of our Saints alums looking for ongoing learning opportunities. Offerings include Emeritus College for all those interested in scholarly courses, The Alworth Center for Peace and Justice which provides programming designed to bridge social and political barriers, productions from the 爆料公社 Theatre, and offerings at the Mitchell Auditorium.

Economic Updates

Faculty Emeriti, Dr. Anthony Barrett, from the Stender School of Leadership, Business and Professional Studies provides a monthly economics update.

Scholarships and Benefits

Scholarships and Discounts

爆料公社 offers alumni, their families and friends scholarships and discounts to make education more affordable.


About the Alumni Association

Mission and Vision


To advance the College of 爆料公社 by connecting alumni to one another and the College through meaningful events, benefits and communication.


Our vision is to involve the greatest possible number of alumni by offering opportunities to connect and remain engaged with the College and each other. We are committed to serving the needs of alumni through recognizing and responding to the diversity of individuals, generations, interests and geographic locations. Our offerings are rooted in the Benedictine values of Respect, Hospitality, Stewardship, Community and Love of Learning. The College’s Benedictine tradition, rich friendships, and strong academic preparation inspire this vision.

Alumni Association Board of Directors

爆料公社 Alumni Board is an advisory board that represents the voice of 爆料公社’s 31,685+ alumni.

Alumni Board Members

Jennifer Alaspa 鈥00 CLS (MBA 鈥15)
Duluth, MN

Nick (Lambrecht) Bates 鈥14 BIO
Minneapolis, MN

Kate Brekke 鈥17 NSG
Duluth, MN

Brandi (Bierbrauer) Durkin 鈥13 HIM
St. Louis Park, MN

Phillishia Cham 鈥18 MGT, MBA 鈥19
Superior, WI

Ryan Fagan 鈥21 ORL
Rosemount, MN

Emily Foyt 鈥12 SDM (MS 鈥14)
Duluth, MN

Scott Greening 鈥11 MGT/MKT
Chanhassen, MN

Rachel Hagel 鈥13 HIM
New Prague, MN

Sarah Hentges 鈥13 SWK
Shoreview, MN

Correne (Tabery) Jenson 鈥84 BIO
Duluth, MN

James Magnuson 鈥12 ACC
Ashland, WI

Ellen Murphy 鈥82 YMN
Manchester, CT

Joe Paulick 鈥96 HIM
Miami, FL

Jeff Phillipich 鈥03 HUM
Duluth, MN

Hannah (Barr) Puryear 鈥10 ENG
Watertown, WI 53092

Christina (Wallner) Snaza 鈥07 HIM (MS 鈥17)
Somerset, WI

Emily (Morley) Yu 鈥12 HIM
Chicago, IL

Join the Alumni Association Board of Directors

  • Create meaningful, lifelong affinity and kinship with each other and to remain involved with and support of the College through the work of the Board
  • Foster the spirit of the College in ways that increase alumni engagement
  • Identify new ways and strengthen existing ways to give alumni a strong connection to one another and to the College
  • Promote greater access to College resources, including educational opportunities, career counseling and participation in key events
  • Build networks that will equip alumni to serve as brand ambassadors for the College
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Membership to the Alumni Board is for a three-year term with a maximum of two consecutive terms
  • Board members are expected to participate in ad hoc committees
  • Board members are expected to attend three meetings a year, located either in the Twin Cities or in Duluth. Meetings are held on Saturdays
  • Serve as a brand ambassador for the College, including helping increase engagement and positively promoting the College
  • Participate in alumni gatherings as well as either Homecoming and/or Reunion
  • Contribute financially 鈥 as the member’s means allow 鈥 to the College’s annual fundraising campaign, which runs from July 1 to June 30 each year

If you’d like to be considered for the Alumni Board of Directors, please fill out the application form and return it to Alumni Engagement by March 15.

Alumni Directory

Saints Alumni Live All Over the World

Click the map above to find out where Saints alumni are living in the United States.

Stay in touch with your alma mater and your classmates!

This page can help you to locate fellow alums and allow us to track down Saints alums we have lost contact with.

  • :聽where Saints alumni have their contact information available for other alums to contact them. Not all of our alums are listed in the directory, as it is an opt-in directory.
    Are you having trouble finding someone? Give us a call and we will help you reconnect with friends from Scholastica. We will not give out their contact information, but we will let them know you are trying to get in touch and pass along your information.

  • ? Find classmates from your graduation year, search by industry; you can even find alums by geographic territory!

School Spirit

爆料公社 shows their spirit in many ways, including the School Song, our fight song, cheer and Storm, our school mascot. Show your College spirit by visiting the to obtain your Saints gear.


Storm was originally introduced in the early 1980s as the College’s athletics program mascot. Storm was re-introduced in 2001 with a new look.

School Song: Vivat 爆料公社


Vivat! Vivat, 爆料公社
Melody (adapted) from Reynaldo Hahn
Lyrics by Sister Loretta Sheehan

Vivat! Vivat, 爆料公社.
To thy fame a tribute raise.
Fount of learning, forge of friendship
home of happy college days.

Pledge we our faith to alma mater,
Pledge to her our heart and hand.
Where e’er we bide she’ll be our guide.
We will praise her throughout the land,

Lakes and hills and spreading campus,
All thy nat’ral charms we love.
And we glory in thy greatness
bless’d with favors from above.

When, in faith and knowledge grounded,
Enter we the world of strife;
May thy counsels, strong and holy,
aid us in our course thru life.

* You need RealPlayer installed to hear the song. Download a free copy from .

Fight Song: Go 爆料公社

Go, 爆料公社, to you we will be true.
Raise up the banner for the gold and the blue.
Go, 爆料公社, honor to your name.
Onward to vic’t’ry Saints, let’s win this game!

– Words and Music by Mary Lou Donovan

Fight Cheer


– Cheer by Stacy Deadrick

Get Involved

Upcoming Events

Advocate for the Minnesota Grant Program

The Minnesota State Grant program helps students afford the colleges that best meet their needs.

There were 714 State Grant recipients at 爆料公社 last academic year 鈥 that is 27% of all undergraduates. The average State Grant award at the College was $5,422 per student per year. In total, nearly $3.9 million in State Grant Awards were made to 爆料公社 students.

Alumni, parents and friends of the College can join in the State Grant advocacy efforts by registering with the MN Private College Council (MPCC) to become an advocate.聽 Please take a moment and complete the form below so our students will continue to receive aid that will help them reach their goals.

Alumni Affinity Groups

During our time together at 爆料公社, we all had experiences that made our time at the College amazing and those experiences were made great because of the people involved with them! Student groups, Spring Break Trips, Classmates, Athletics, and beyond! We now want you to be able to continue and relive those experiences to AFFINITY AND BEYOND by joining or creating an Alumni Affinity Group!

What is an Affinity Group?

An Affinity Group is a group of individuals who come together because they have a common interest or have had common experiences. An example of an Alumni Affinity Group at 爆料公社 would be people who were Education Majors or who participated in Student Senate or were part of an athletics team while they attended the College.

Benefits to the College of having affinity groups
  • Build/strengthen relationships
  • Identify donors and/or trustees
  • Identify mentors for current students

How do I join an Affinity Group?

Benefits to the alum of being part of an affinity group
  • Networking
  • Learning
  • Having fun
  • Promoting your business

What if I want to start an Affinity Group? And what would I need to do if I were to lead one?

Maintaining affinity groups
  • Check-in
  • Event planning
  • Consistent communication
  • Outcomes
  • Monitoring postings

Alumni Awards

Each year the Alumni Association recognizes outstanding alumni and staff or faculty for their commitment and contributions to their community, their profession, the College, and the Benedictine values that continue to guide the work of the Saints Community. Recognizing alumni is the most prestigious honor the College bestows.

Please consider nominating an outstanding Saint for one of our six Alumni Awards.

The Sister Ann Edward Scanlon Award

This award honors alumni, who like Sister Ann Edward Scanlon, demonstrate dedication to improving their communities, and through this dedication or in addition to it, show exceptional commitment to the College.

Nomination deadline: March 1 (presented at the Annual All-Saints Reunion)

The Sister Alice Lamb Award

This award honors alumni who are well established in their careers, contribute significantly to their professions, and maintain enduring commitment to the College.

Nomination deadline: March 1 (presented at the Annual All-Saints Reunion)

The Sister Timothy Kirby Benedictine Spirit Award

This award honors alumni who credit the College by way of their professional achievements, and exemplify the Benedictine Values of Respect, Hospitality, Stewardship, Love of Learning, and Community.

Nomination deadline: March 1 (presented at the Annual All-Saints Reunion)

The Scholastica 爆料公社 Award

This award honors faculty or staff whose interest and concern for students have positively influenced the student community.

Nomination deadline: March 1 (presented at the Annual All-Saints Reunion)

The Young Alumni Achievement Award

This award honors alumni under age 40 who support the College with their time and/or talent and/or treasure, exhibit high achievement levels early in their careers, and live out the Benedictine values through service to others.

Nomination deadline: Aug. 8 (presented during Homecoming)

First-Gen Alumni Award

This award honors a first-generation alumna/us whose strengths, resiliency and lived experiences positively contributed to the 爆料公社 community.

Nomination deadline: Oct. 27 (presented during the Tri-Alpha Induction Ceremony in November)

Alumni Travel Program

Vancouver to Toronto by Rail
Sept. 12鈥18, 2024

Train on a railroad track in the mountains of Canada.Discover the majestic beauty of Canada on a nostalgic rail journey that brings back the golden age of train travel.聽The Canadian brings you landscapes as never seen any other way 鈥 in relaxed comfort and with unparalleled service. Glide through the snowy peaks of the magnificent Rockies through picturesque towns, gentle prairie fields, and rugged lake country to the city of Toronto. In addition to marveling at diverse landscapes, this restful journey provides delicious meals to savor and is a wonderful opportunity to experience so much of Canada in one unforgettable trip.

  • Enjoy the serenity of travel by rail
  • Admire the vastness and diversity of Canada from your stateroom, or from seats in the domed observation car or Prestige Park lounge car
  • Awake each day to majestic, panoramic views outside your cabin’s picture window
  • Guided panoramic city tour of Vancouver


If you have any questions about the Alumni Travel Program, contact Alumni Engagement.

Saints Heritage Club

Heritage Club meeting during Convocation at 爆料公社.Opening Convocation was held on Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2023. Members of our Saints Heritage Club were honored and the freshman class was welcomed into the Saints Community. It continues to be a special tradition.

Volunteer Opportunities

爆料公社 alumni give back in many ways. If you’re interested in being a class speaker, representative, champ or would like to become a mentor, contact Alumni Engagement at alumni@css.edu, 218-723-6071聽 for more information.


Saints Alumni Volunteer Program

The 爆料公社 Alumni network is over 30,000 strong! Saints alumni embody the Benedictine values and qualities that represent 爆料公社, and we are pleased to provide our alumni with a wide range of opportunities to stay connected and benefit from being a Saint.

Alumni are the “living endowment” of any college. Without the passion, pride and care that alumni have for 爆料公社, and the skills, experiences and talents that volunteers bring, the campus would not continue to thrive for future generations of students. Caring, engaged alumni are vital to the strength and prominence of 爆料公社.

Volunteering is a great way to give back, or pay it forward and make a lasting impact.

Volunteer Opportunities
  • Affinity Groups
  • Legislative Advocates
  • Admissions Ambassadors
  • Events Support
  • Alumni Volunteer Fundraiser
  • Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) Ambassador
  • Student Support
  • Social Media Ambassadors
  • Alumni-Student Mentor Program
  • Academic School Advisory Board
  • Leadership

Main Campus

1200 Kenwood Avenue
Duluth, MN 55811
United States